Industrial & Commercial Floor Finishes

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In general a concrete surface will be prepared using one or several of the following specialist preparation methods

Dust free shot blasting , Diamond grinding , Floor planing , or Oil contamination removal.


We will then clean and prepare the surface for the chosen coating, we can provide the following....

Epoxy/polyurethane screeds


These products are generally used where very high impact, abrasion and/or chemical resistance is required.


Polymer self-smoothing floor screeds

This product provides the ability to install a thin overlaid floor (5-15mm) within the fastest possible time (up to 1,500m2 a day).


The screed is pump applied to the floor surface, smoothing and levelling out the original irregular surface.


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Floor - Paint - Coating

Water based or solvent free coatings designed for factories/warehouses and most commercial and industrial situations. uses the latest epoxy resin technology.


Self smoothing epoxy resin/polyurethane screeds Provide a very smooth and dense surface, ideally suited where a more heavy duty finish is required.